Erboo bikes are designed with great attention to details and reflect our focus on simplicity and functionality. Every single bike is built with hand-made bamboo frame and besides its no-ordinary look it is primarily very user-friendly. Thanks to the lightness of construction, user can either speed up or stop the bike quickly but also carry it up the stairs without effort. Classical geometry of the bike frame guarantees the most effective distribution of forces while the natural shock-absorbing bamboo feature assures smooth ride in every conditions.

Along with increasing customers’ expectations we developed unique technology that provides the buyers with 5 year guarantee on our products.Building each bike starts with tailoring its frame to user individual preferences with regard to the color, size and geometry. This is the most time-consuming stage of the process which can last up to 150 hours. Then, selected bamboo poles are cut, profiled and polished. Next step entails connecting all elements of the frame with a composite made of hemp fiber and epoxy resin. After polymerization, all connection points are finished off with the rasps and hand files and then smoothened using gradually less granulated sandpapers. Covering the frame with either transparent or color lacquer is done at the very end of the construction process. Finished product is a highly personalized bike that was built with an involvement of its user.